Just in time for Presidents Day, the politically-acclaimed new album ‘The Campaign’ from Champagne Duane and Cee Goods is here!

Fully produced by Cee Goods, ‘The Campaign’ is a soundtrack to the current social and political climate from leadership to gun violence to equality. Timing is everything, and this album couldn’t be coming at a more important moment in this country. Much like American society, most will agree with the ideals on the album, some will be shocked by some concepts, while for others it will have an awakening impression. Production from Cee Goods does not disappoint as it has pushed Duane to be more insightful, informed and innovative. There’s no debate- The Campaign will spark conversation.

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With “The Campaign” near completion, and U.S. politics being in the state that it’s in, the time is right to share this important song. “One Day” is an uplifting track that takes cues from speeches and writings made by iconic politicians and activists like Dr. King. Sprinkle some Saeeda Wright and Nehemiah Booker all over the Cee Goods-produced track and you’ve got an anthem to guide you the next 4 years.

Remixes, features and singles inspired by the times. Sunday Brunch is the product of the diligence between new projects. Updated regularly with a new track, it’s smooth, soul-southing hip hop to cap off your weekend. Let the Champagne flow.

It’s always first class with this group. Honored to meet some new artists. Check out this cypher.Presenting Freethought Takeover and their first cypher session. Featuring Jonny Cool, V8 TFD, Talilo, and Champagne Duane.

From “Victory in the Making” to “Need,” Jonny Cool has always produced the tracks to the ‘realest thing I ever wrote.’ With an amazing feature from singer/songwriter Alana, “Come Home” is another meaningful installment in my musical progression. Special thanks to true musicians Shane Richardson (guitar), Jared Henkin (trumpet) , Rob Castillo (bass), and PaulParesa (piano) for bringing this piece to life. Dedicate this one to someone close to you.

Cee Goods has been inspiring me to make the songs that matter. So in an effort to push the culture forward, we collaborated on “Be Free,” insightful food for thought. Happy Birthday, Goodies! (Vegas Baby 3 is on the way though.)

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“If you’re a basketball fan, you and millions of others have already seen the work of Portland-via-Miami transplant Champagne Duane. His shoe designs have been worn by the likes of Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan. Now, Duane is set to prove his worth on the mic. He recently dropped his debut album, A Toast, and, true to his modus operandi, is an improbable amalgam of true-school rap and whatever is hot at the moment. The pop songs crank, hard. But Duane has a bigger vision. (more…)