Thank You


I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following people for their support on this project- from everyone who came to the shows to all the people who liked, commented, and shared.

To the 75 Kickstarter backers- friends, family and folks I don’t know- your vote of confidence before hearing one single song is not only humbling but inspiring. I couldn’t have finished without you all. (in order of contribution)
Issa Diop
Jordan Aftanas
Meghan Skinner
Ryan Johnson
Wicksell Metellus
Courtney Harris
Isis Asare
Brendan Jiu
Leanna Woods- also for your amazing photography!
Travis Hosler
Kristen Kerbaugh
Summer Stewart
Wayne Gage
Emily Ziedman
Jonathan Johnsongriffin
Sergio Martinez
Aaron Moore
Desmond Meray
Alex Alpert
David Cin
Jesse Daniels
Cornell Josey
Patricia Robinson
Justin Morgan
Merina Bigley
John Coletti
Ryan G. Coleman
Adrienne Lobl
Chelsea Amato
Donald Wilson
Jackie Scherer
Tanya Phillips
Evica Simjanoski
Drew Fields
Howard Eady, Jr.
Grant Mandigora
Lynette Ralph
Carlyn McKoy
Amir Morgan
Nina Lawrence
Quentin Williams
Jackie Koegel
Nancy Cade
Karolina Sevcikova
Jeremy Hamilton
Michael Ralph, Sr.
Robert Castillo
Jen-Mei Wu
Big Piph
Larue Stokes
Alfred Guerin
Michael Ralph
Michel Alvarez
Jessi Scofield
Abby Harris
Jackie Harris Gage
Lance Miller
Jordan Evans
Brent Carter
Graham Dawes
Caleb Ramsey
Sejal Patel
Nick Purvis
Kai Gerner
Sonia Beckwith- your contribution at the end of the campaign renewed my hope in my craft, and breathed new energy into completing this project.
Ashley Hosler
Kasha Clark
Deante Colon
Mark Urquhart
Jennifer Lyon
Tatum Herman
Ariel Vergez
Christiaan Bedford
Akeem Guerin

To the people who gave me great insight for the project:
Megan Lynch
Wole Ralph
Michael Ralph
Laurence Ralph
Stephen Knights, Jr.

To all the people who contributed musically to the album:
Avery Gilbert
Champagne James
Evan Simko
Elijah Flowers
Elin Skei
Friends of the Children
Hi Definition
Mansur Moe
Travis Jones
Steam FISH- Fire Is Still Hot. #lawd
Free Thought Takeover- the world tour is coming.
Saeeda Wright- at this point I can’t imagine an album without you.
Nehemiah Booker- same.
Jonny Cool- You got me? I got you. I can’t do this without you.
Ian Watts- I can always count on you.
Gabriel Shephard- In a word: reliable.
Cee Goods- Professional. Consistent. Talented. We ain’t finished. The dreams are way bigger now.

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