Lyrics and Credits

AToast1400A Toast • June 12, 2015
Executive Producer: Champagne Duane
Recorded by Matt Jefferson at Black Diamond Studios and Kyle Devine at Flatline Studios in Portland, OR
Mixed by Kyle Devine at Flatline Studios in Portland, OR
Mastered by Cedd Mack in Atlanta, GA and Tony Bailey in Los Angeles, CA (Asst. Mastering Engineer, Sammy Issac)
Album cover photo: Michelle Pearl Gee

1. A TOAST  ft Saeeda Wright

(D. Lawrence, T. Miller)
Produced by Takashi Miller for Vision Firm

Ladies and gentleman, if I could have your attention please, I’d like to propose a toast…

(Verse 1)
First, let’s toast to my necktie, windsor knot/ got me feeling pretty good whether I win or not/ shoot, I’d drop 10 games outta 82 too if I knew I was gonna win the pot/ heh, so let’s toast my highness/ to my flyness/ man I might just/ trade the car in for a kite/ so Orville and Wilbur with mine, get it “Wright”/ let’s toast, to the ill level that I’ve reached/ due to the skill level I can’t teach/ let’s toast to the fact that we breathing/ let’s toast to this evening/ man, isn’t life precious/ like Mitchell n Ness‘s/ let’s never forget this/ toast! this moment’s so golden/ kinda like the champagne that we holding, a toast!

(Hook • Saeeda)
Raise your glass
Let’s make a toast
Let’s celebrate
Life to the most

(Verse 2)
A toast to the money that we folding/ to the lies that we told em/ to the truths that we holding/ to be self-evident/ a toast to independence it’s/ the dawn of a new day/ celebrate every single new day/ like it’s our last/ like an hour glass/ never let an hour pass/ without giving it our all/ sometimes you’re gonna slip you’re gonna fall/ but that’s why we got each other, sometimes you gotta give Pippen the ball/ sometimes you admit you ain’t that tall/ so sometimes you gotta give it to Gasol/ and when all else fails, just let it go and give it to the Lord/ a toast


(Verse 3)
A toast to the man in the mirror/ become your biggest fan, it’s impera-/ tive/ that you do for as long as you live/ if you don’t do it, man, nobody else will/ that’s real/ real talk homie/ but for now let’s toast to the ladies/ all the pretty girls, all the ugly girls, ’cause to me you pretty anyway baby/ so raise ya glasses/ here’s to taking chances/ I see you in the black dress, save me a dance miss/ pardon my advances, but I’m anxious/ life’s beautiful, let’s romance this/ lets toast to the here, to the now, who knows how long we’re gonna have this/ yea, so may tonight be the night that we all live it up/ everybody drink up/ let’s toast!


Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to thank you for coming out. I hope you have a wonderful night. I’m your host for the evening. It’s ya boy Champagne. Hey!

2. I GOT YOU ft Jonny Cool
(D. Lawrence, J. Sanders)
Produced by Jonny Cool for Galactic Star Entertainment

So exquisitely done

(Verse 1)
Hey! I’m back at it/ Layin cats flat like a craftmatic/ back back I don’t want static/ on my black fabric/ I got paisley and plaid to play nice/ NICE! I’m that charismatic/ attract traffic/ no black magic/ just simple mathematics/ stay fresher than Saran plastic/ put this one back/ gimme that with the black brim, oh yea, that’s him, over for you asthmatics/ no more breathing/ gimme one reason/ it’s hunting season for you rascally rabbits/ a Mac addict/ Mr. Fantastic/ Mr Bombastic/ I like it loud, blast it/ make it nasty/ puff puff pass it/ and all that other stuff that gets you up off ya ass kid/ when life hands you lemon in a basket/ turn up the limelight and start baskin/

You got me? I got you.
I can’t do this without you.

Ladies and gentleman, Jonny Cool.

(Verse 2 • Jonny Cool)
Between the East side mountains and the West side hills/ a bow tie like Bond, dressed to kill/ don’t I look like I got a record deal/ or like I’m a ZipLoc press and seal/ fresh/ like Jazzy Jeff and the Prince/ or a mouth full of mints/ as I step like a gent/ to this super fly chick with sex appeal/ pockets were skinny like Ally McBeal/ but now that fat as Adele/ VISA card in London about as black as Estelle/ and girls say I dress well/ act so upscale/ but still give up tail/ and do it so well until I’m soft like pastel/ said she hit my phone but no response/ so I should call her (collar) up like the jacket on the Fonz/ do it BIG and give her One More Chance/ back in the same cycle like Tour de France/


Y’all still running ’round playing cat and mouse
Meanwhile the big dog’s back in the house

(Duane) Heart throb forever/ black handsome and clever/ serving these rhymes like the black Boris Becker/ back for a check up/ hailing from the mecca/ of seeing thru the “bull”, that’s how I’m so “impecca”/
(Jonny) And I’m the best dresser of the fresh dressers/ dressed fresh to impress to press with no pressure/ we got now, don’t care who got next up/ our dress down make you wanna get dressed up/
(Duane) No. 1 chief rocker, no.1 chief rocker/ feel the surge (Serge) in my words like I was Ibaka/
(Jonny) And I’m a cool talker/ talk her tube top off her/ cool and she proper/ and she giving me that boom shakalakalaka/
(Duane) Going forth n back/ back n forth on the track/ like the track stars/ that we are/ Black Star is back/
(Jonny) And my rhymes are to tracks/ what spines are to backs/ and my kicks are to snares/ what wind is to air/ yea


So exquisitely done

(D. Lawrence, J. Sanders, Vocal performance by Courtney Noe)
Produced by Jonny Cool for Galactic Star Entertainment

May I have this dance (4x)

I ain’t wear this for nothing, I came stunting/ I swing for the fences, y’all bunting/ I’m kickin that game, y’all lames punting/ in the ears of these dames I say somethign/ sweet/ if they aint fronting/ to the beat/ my words is on repeat/ she can’t get me outta her mind/ I came to get her outta her seat/ now Ladies!! grab a man by the hand/ let em understand that that thang in ya pants/ ain’t made for little boys with no hand on the grands/ then back it up with that brand new dance/ back it up with that brand new dance/ back it up with that brand new dance/ back it up with that brand new dance/ back it up but don’t spill yo drink/ baby girl now here’s what I think/ we can get lost in a blink/ of an eye/ come up outta that cacoon like a butterfly/ lemme rock that thing to sleep like a lullaby/ OOH BOY you crazy, but kinda fly/ said you wanted a man right? Well what am I?/ utter goodbye/ to the other guys/ ooh I’m loving ya thighs/ so

Let’s get to the dance floor
Girl, are you ready? ‘Cause I can’t really wait no more
Let’s kick it on the dance floor
Girl, are you ready? ‘Cause I can’t really wait no more
1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4, we
trying to get on the floor, we
trying to get on the floor, we
trying to get on the floor


(D. Lawrence)
Produced by Exotictonez for Exotictonez

You want some of this too, old man? Yea. Duane Danger, the late game changer. Talk to ’em.

(Verse 1)
I like big butts and I can not lie/ got ’em all stuck when that thing ride by/ trying to stay grounded but I’m just too fly/ trying to stay grounded but I’m just too fly/ reporting to you love, coming from the trenches/ where we don’t ride benches/ we ride inches/ welcome to stay if you can handle the stenches/ bet you won’t be here (hair) for long like extensions/ rose to the top, top like the North Star/ now chicks sweat me more than a sports bar/ but I don’t pay ’em no mind, don’t pay ’em no attention/ stay up on my grind, so I can pay my henchmen/ check the gear, dog, check what I’m dressed in/ it’s like I just got to this school, so fresh, men/ class, best in/ greatness, destined/ I have to admit it/ the game done slipped, looking bad for a minute/ but I’m back up in it/ man, quit lying, can’t see him in it/ windows tinted/ way below the legal limit/ plus, I gave the dealer all cash/ y’all talk what I walk, man you all gas/ guess that makes me the sh–, better haul ass/ I’m straight to the point- Rose, Paul, Nash/ best in the game, no you can’t stop me/ friends call me Champagne, but you can’t pop me/ no you can’t copy/ Joe, you looking sloppy/ we don’t have beef, no this is not a swap meat/ a Porsche couldn’t box me/ I’m so appalled at your creed (Apollo Creed), you really do believe you can rock me (Rocky)/ well I do it too big, call me Conan/ I done been went pig, y’all still going’ ham/ damn!

What up, Craig? What up, Smokey?
What up, Red? What you got on my 40?
It’s Deebo, people, taking what I want.
This my game, it’s my chain, and that’s my bike punk!

(Verse 2)
Once again it’s on/ I’m back in the building on my Genghis Khan/ the emperor, boy, you would think it’s LeBron/ the temperature is rising, I think it’s the song/ they laughed at me first, now they singing along/ back and forth over my net worth, ping to the pong/ I see snakes in the grass, yea I’m clipping that lawn/ suck the venom out a enemy, I’m getting em, gone/ I take it back to the 90s, that kid is the bomb/ Michael Vick wit a gong/ I sick my dogs on you boy, it’s like I live on a farm/ I put the Fonz on you, she won’t be your chick for that long/ I put the Nas on you, then I switch to Jigga and Kan (Ye! Ye!)/ now what’s colder than that/ put away them opinions and let’s just hold up facts/ my style so wild, it’s like I coach for the cats/ get them hands in the air like you poking at Shaq/ they say less is more/ and you believe the hype/ so you can sleep at night/ me, I’m on a quest for more/ my chest is sore/ I been putting up weight/ look cut the debate/ I am the best for sure/ next up to the plate/ like a fork and a knife/ I am the heir to the throne, got my sword so let’s fight/ I ain’t really that scared, you bark, I bite/ if it really pop off, you spark, I ignite/ lyrics of mass destruction/ I show you how to do this, son, I jacked the instructions/ Blueprints/ who’s been/ passing the dutche/ ‘pon de left hand side, can I ask you to dump it/ I need my head clear/ when I spread fear/ they staring at my threads yea/ spinning heads yea/ when I pull it out the lot yea/ no it’s not fair/ they drop it like it’s hot yea/ like it’s hot yea/ yeah.


Aye there’s a beat over here I think is dead. Oh no. It’s still kicking. Well lemme kill it.

(Verse 3)
Sometimes I rhyme slow/ sometimes I rhyme quick/ sometimes I get the dough/ sometimes I write the check/ sometimes I’m with my homies and sometimes I’m with a chick/ sometimes we just friends, sometimes I wanna hit/ Is it calories or does muscle burn fat/ I never sweat the hatred, hustle burns that/ you thinking Cupid stupid, boy love will burn back/ assholes like opinions, so I only learn the facts/ I’m trying to see a milli/ milli for I die/ I’m putting in the work, it ain’t gone fall out form the sky/ now don’t ask why, but they keep on catching vapors/ the old ones starting to love me so I’m looking for new haters


5. KILLIN EM ft Keem G
(D. Lawrence, A. Guerin)
Produced by Mike Maddan

All my dogs sing along with verse
White ladies clutch your purse
You killing em son

Tag team, back again/
back for more, Salvatore, more Ralph Lauren/
Polo, no no, don’t care the amount I spend/
yolo, yo bro, what’s with the amount of men/
where the ladies at/ where da ones wit crazy back/
they bringin the 80s back/ cool that’s where yet made me at/
born in 82/ April when the baby blew/
made it thru, escaped a few dangers but I played it coo/
they think they could do what Duane could do, they crazy glue/
tell em where to stick it, they ain’t sick, they fake da flu/
what you got beef? Kobe and the Lakers too/
who done gassed you up, why you so inflatable/
stop it ‘fore I pop it, I’m a prophet/
predict all my victims and then I pick out the coffins/
Roberta’s over the Hill and Lauryn’s been catching Flack
so I guess it’s my turn to start killing’ em softly


Feed them the need to succeed without greed/
Teach them about the thieves they need to outweed/
Speak of the leaves, the memories of these trees/
Please plants seeds so our seeds can be freed/
Hey! Hey! What you doin spittin knowledge/
black boy, spit that crack boy #chriswallace/
Cedric Ceballos/ tell em how you ball/
tell em what it takes to make the empire fall/
talk about ya shoe collection/
tell em not to use protection when they do the sexin/ very nice! (Borat voice)/
make em catch TDs #Jerry Rice/
I’m talkin STDs #hairydice/
Scratch that/ we past that/ we on to excellence/
High Intelligence Persists Highly Over Pestilence/
H I P H O P refillin em/
wit H O P E, no need for killin em/ truth!


(Keem G)
It’s Keem G, let’s make a toast/
I do this better when I’m spilling, spitting Amerose/
I do this and you won’t see me as if I’m ghost/
not no Swayze shit neither, but I’m living this verse/
I’m tryna get it, don’t be mad ’cause I’m styling
If you could then you would, what’s the problem/
so I’m good, as I should, I can solve em/
just don’t mix me up in shit I’m not a solvent/ NAH!
you salute me just address me as your sergeant/
them dudes chickens if you ask me, they got jaundice/
quit the snitching, I’m allergic to your conscious/
aww your pussy hurt, stop the nonsense/ farreal
ya killin em, no need for grilling em/
watch the top spot get closer, my life helium/
wont stop til I’m on the tope, now who’s feeling him/
let’s make a toast to the villians


And don’t try to act like you don’t know where we be neither
We in the club all the time. If it’s a problem pop off
Keem G, Champagne

What you doing spitting knowledge (3x)
Black boy, spit that crack boy, Chris Wallace

6. DARLING GIRL ft Jarrod Lawson
(D. Lawrence, T. Miller)
Produced by Exotictonez for Exotictonez Productions

Now on the count of three, I’ma go ahead to step to ma/ wit the black leggings, see-thru top and the leopard bra/ she bringin sexy back, need to be takin sexy off/ lemme show her whats good, check the repertoire/ Excuse me miss, whats your name/ I been checking your moves, I been checking out your frame/ you been checking my suit from the moment that I came/ it’s a Hugo, Boss, yea you know, more about you though/ where you get yo nails did, where you get yo hair done/ what color yo panties is, are you even wearing some/ haha I’m just playing wit you baby/ know what you thinking, probably saying ‘is you crazy?!’/ well maybe, but I’m a blame it on the goose/ better yet girl I’ma blame it on them shoes/ red patent leather, you da baddest ever, ya motion is loco… And look at the caboose/

Hook (Jarrod)
Darling girl, I want ya
Can’t no other girl do what you do
Girl, you’re so cool
The way you move your body
No one can make it hotter than you do
Damn, you’re so cool, darling

Baby pack the Tumi bags we goin on a trip/ Make sure you pack that ‘do me’ dress, the one that fits your hips/ we been at it for a minute let’s start a relation-ship/ or we can stay by the shore if you ain’t sure n take a dip/ psych- lemme reel it in/ we still on the dance floor, still gettin it in/ my boys go hard, still gettin at ya friends/ if it’s aight wit you, we’ll do this every weekend/ shorty had to admit, she havin fun wit the pack/ she wanna Devin Hester, she wanna run it back/ she said boy what’s ya name/ I said Champagne/ this is my brother Andre, aren’t you glad we came/ this is my brother Benz/ these are all of my ends/ that’s what I call my cousins/ say hi to the Finer Things/ never leave home without em, this is my crew/ and this is just what we do/ what’s up with you


Yea, so what’s up shorty/ what’s ya story/ I done read a few books and them cover girls bore me/ and you standin 5-10, what, 140?/ and it’s already 1:40/ and I done spent $140/ so let’s slide out and ride out and let’s do 140/ hey, I need a favor, can ya do one for me/ pass me that cd, Vol. 2 Shawn Corey/ and say it for me, ‘it’s alright, now holla back‘… See it wouldn’t be right/ if I just said good night/ having seen the buns and didn’t try to bite/ having seen the cakes and didn’t try to knife/ look good in the dark, look good in the light/ before I jump out the window what’s ya name tho/ got a sweet tooth, tryin to taste the rainbow/ she just smiled real slick and said Jane Do/ ain’t it funny ain’t it funny how da game go/

Hook (2x)

Performance by S. Knights

8. EVERYTHING ft Rapper Big Pooh and Elin Skei
(D. Lawrence, T. Jones)
Produced by Trox

Champ, Rapper, this is “Everything” and it goes a little something like…

Hook (Elin)
We’ve been given nothing/
turned it into something/
all we gotta get now
is everything, is everything
everything is nothing/
if we don’t add the love in/
so throw your hands up in the air
for L-O-V-E.

Y’all don’t understand the pressure I’m under/ pop the cork and watch these feelings bubble to the surface/ they been bottled too long/ so I’ma spill it like the BP blunder/ a happy family is my only purpose/ it’s coming out on this song/ mommy need a new car/ daddy need some shoes/ corporate buildings got ceilings, what y’all want me to do/ look i done told you from the start/ that hustling’s got my heart/ the grind’s got my time and I can’t tell em apart/ I got visions of building empires with kings/ ambition that’s as high as Mariah can sing/ so here’s the mission, high jack the entire regime/ distribute funds to mom and then buy her a Beam/ no brake lights/ I’m tryna to take flight, Lear to Lear/ year to year/ and do it wit some folks who care to share an ear to ear/ it’s hell yeah if there’s air in any pair I wear/ as long as love in the air, then we can take it there/


To make her smile/ I’d walk a thousand miles/ across a blazing hot desert for some water from the Nile/ that’s love/ better yet that’s us/ fall backwards, eyes closed, hands crossed, that’s trust/ I got a lust for/ move making/ more hustles than a Jamaican/ bow tie corner flow, you know I bring home the bacon/ creatively dream chasing/ she know I won’t chase her/ in order to have it all, I replaced her/ doubt tin your mind, take a minute to explain, switch your thought process, i promise you things’ll change for the greater/ high rise elevator/ high like my favorite NC State player/ I’m talking high yo/ your boy hydro/ these other niggas dirt, we/ sacrificing everything for the chance to succeed/ moving, I’m moving at warp speed/ if you ever ask, it’s the fear of a nigga’s greed


In a place between complacent and needing some motivation/ trying not to fall asleep, but my dreams are so impatient/ nightmares chasing/ staying in the race, can/ it be that it was all so simple, so basic/ when it got complicated?/ adulthood overrated/ how do I get the green, and not get jaded?/ now some wishes are belated/ so i gotta stay sedated/ and reschedule the day that I get to say that I made it/ afraid it’s/ gonna break down before I can trade it/ I’m just trying to spread this love before the fake call it dated/ now, don’t get it twisted, braided or faded/ being courageous is contagious, and I ain’t been vaccinated/ I’m just sayin/ so much passion but no patience/ and I hate waiting/ so get yo ass in and lets make it/ yes, let’s get this bacon/ yes, let’s get this cheese/ yes, let’s meet the bread, and supersize it please


(D. Lawrence)
Produced by Trox

This calls for a celebration…

I’m more Diddy than Fiddy/ I’d rather “no” (know) biggie/ than to have holes in me/
I like my drinks chilly, all my chicks w bottle shaped bodies/ both of them gotta be bubbly and know how to get it poppin/ Started from the bottom, breakdancing on the streets/ now I’m on a boat, breaking bread wit the geese/ before you judge the cover you gotta open the book/ see I only wore this shirt bcuz I know you gon look/ now what’s worse: breaking hearts or breaking the law/ or never telling a soul if you’re the only one who saw/ when my back’s against the wall, that’s the stuff that I be thinkin/ my nieces ride in style so my brother gets the Lincoln/ and I just want the cash/ Is that too much to ask/ yea I just wanna flash/ suffering succotash/ so before you cut the grass/ a snake’s got to shed to grow/ so put the city on my back and let’s go/ watch that Champagne Flow

Watch that champagne flow… Ay! (4x)
Now watch that champagne flow from the ceiling like confetti
Baby we can go if you think you’re feeling ready
Champagne flow from the ceiling like confetti
Baby we can go if you think you’re feeling ready
You ready?

I move at a pace close to grace/ But not so close that I won’t go at ya face/ My flows pack a punch like I’m Talib Ali/ or Muhammad Kweli/ boy follow my lead/ I’d rather pop Molly’s cherry ‘fore I pop a Molly/ ain’t a chick I can’t draft she’s never outta my league/ I’m Slicker, off the Richter (Rick-ter) when I Lodi Dodi/ so if it’s alright with you then it’s alright w me/ I’m hip-hop’s Dali/ I paint pictures with scriptures and melt the clock of your wrist if you try to poli(tick) wit me/ They call me Hollywood D/ because I’m prolly wit 3/ bad chicks at a time who prolly frolic for free/ but if I pay em some mind/ then I’m paying em time/ cuz there’s money on my mind/ Y’all get it… I shouldn’t have to explain it/ y’all shoulda been got acquainted/ with my bespoke flow, it’s loco ain’t it… watch that Champagne Flow tho


Ladies and gentle-dudes, you are now being swooned by the exquisiteness that is the champagne flow. Go ahead and drink to that. I’d like to thank my man Trox once again for the wonderful instrumentals you hear behind me. And Starchile, I see you- whassup? And who can forget about the ladies?

My style is sorta/ like a knight in shining armor/ when I ride up on ya/ ya blinded by my aura/ so don’t be surprised if you’re reminded of a sauna/ having hot flashes, looking mighty excited Laura/ did I do that, oh did i do that, don’t compare to me no Urkel/ there’s no squares in my circle/ ain’t no stranger to the glow/ but the family matters mo/ a toast to where this night may go… watch that Champagne Flow


10. TRIPLE OG ft Talib Kweli and Nehemiah Booker
(D. Lawrence, T. Greene, N. Booker)
Produced by Trox, Vocals by Nehemiah Booker and Marcus Eastland

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, now here we go… 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, now here we go…

(Talib Kweli)
I see an old black man, walking around town/ peeping gentrification and watching it go down/ if you live for enough seasons you see it all come back around/ there’s experience under that crown/ When I see an old black man, I see way more than just his color/ you discover/ they call him uncle even if he ain’t your father’s brother/ they calling him OG/ he ain’t falling for no schemes/ his convertible looking clean/ he deferred to it like a dream/ Like the poems of Langston Hughes/ an old black man who’s suffered through/ some abuse that’ll leave a gangster confused/ the invisible man, even though he right there in the room/ call him Nigger, call him darkie, a coon/ YEP! When you see an old black man/ cognac in his hand/ full attack/ never slack like his throwback pants/ give him dap because when you back in the streets fucking up again, he’ll jump out the bushes like ‘son, that’ll get ya five to ten!


I see an old black man, A triple og
He school me to the game, Tell me keep it low key
I see an old black man, A triple og
He call me young blood, Seen a million like me

I see an old black man and I wonder/ How much pain has he endured, how much thunder/ and lightning / has struck him/ dealing with these right wings/ fuck em/ how many times he seen Do The Right Thing/ I see a black man and I think/ Would he and my dad sit and enjoy the same drink/ in his stomach does it float/ rum n coke/ do they both/ enjoy Cadillacs with 100 spokes/ I see an old black man and ask myself/ how much cash does he have left/ will his kids become kings on his last breath/ or will their only asset be the heart behind their dad’s chest/ I see an old black man and my mind races/ how many times he been sighted by a blind racist/ who only sees darkness/ instead of how big his heart is/ and sentences the color regardless


I see an old black man and consider what his dreams were/ did he lose hope when they went up in smoke, and how much reefer/ why were his dreams defered/ then which road did he prefer/ feed the family dinner, or desert (dessert)/ I see an old black man everyday in the reflection/ giving his younger version his version of direction/ look at your complexion/ you think they gon’ give a damn when you mention u need a hand/ and looking for exemption/ nah, pay attention/ ’cause they paying attention/ holding conventions/ on how to slow ya progression/ while they building these/ facilities/ that boast of correction/ they slow roasting depression/ so you can’t toast to succession/ MESSAGE! so now it’s on to perfection/ ever since a black man won the election/ work harder, young soldier/ lend a loving shoulder/ and never ever let them say ‘I told you’/ over!


[Wise Man Talking- Marcus Eastland]
‘Hey, young blood. Sit a spell while I learn ya a bit. What you doing’ done been done. Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun. It ain’t what you win, it’s how it’s won.’

(D. Lawrence, T.Miller)
Produced by Takashi Miller for Vision Firm

Will somebody tell ’em Hip-Hop is back
RIP, kill the whack-ness crowding my radio
and give a round of applause for
Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, (it’s still bigger than)
Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, (it’s still still bigger than)
Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, (it’s still bigger than)
Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, (it’s still still bigger than)

As a shorty I would stare, but I couldn’t afford em/ but look at me now… I guess you really don’t need Jordans/ and I still don’t own a pair… won’t stop me from soarin/ I stay fly, I’m so fly, I lead a flock every morning/ but you only as fly as your wings/ so the only guys that I bring/ are usually Messiahs and Kings/ I only run with bosses who don’t take a day off/ different parts of the shirt but we from the same cloth/ you da chest, I’m da sleeve/ you da best, I’m a beast/ Myrtle x Joseph what an excellent weave/ so if you claim to be my dog then it’s best that you leave/ if you ain’t really my dog, that’s my only pet peeve/ no time for fake ones/ they not gon give you the shot, you gotta learn to make one/ can’t win if you don’t take one/ never had my hand out/ always had to stand out/ I guess I’m not surprised at the way my life has panned out/


If I ruled the world… Imagine that/ I’d resurrect Shaq n Penny bring the magic back/ my dad would have a lifetime supply of Cadillacs/ I’d bring back Bernie Mac, I need it for my cataracts/ number 1 records would consist of battle raps/ most of these rappers out here is patty wack/ shorties in 3rd world wont hear the ratatat/ and everyone I meet in this world would have my back/ everyones last name would be World Peace/ no one else would starve, we’d all eat for weeks/ more conscious of the way we raise out daughters/ and everyone would memorize Midnight Marauders/


I come correctly/ if Trayvon was a Becky/ and Becky was a Trek-y/ she’d have a statue already/ if George was Jamaal/ and Jamaal had it all/ you think he woulda walked? naw, he probably couldn’t crawl at all/ forget the pigs, I think the pigs killed Big n Pac too/ if they didn’t, they know who did they got to/ who they serve and protect, not you/ racism still alive, act like its not true/ thank you for that line, thank you for the Train of Thought/ all the metaphors, all the things it taught/ all the common sense, how it came apart/ doesn’t matter now, I repair the heart

Hook (2x)

(D. Lawrence)
Produced by Jonny Cool for Galactic Star Entertainment
Contains sample of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”

Times is stressing/ why so depressing/ trouble on my mind and my eyes wanna rest em/ so sick of being tired but at times its a blessing/ still I’m on the rise and you guys’ll never catch him

She crazy but she got a big ol butt/ So I can’t complain
Bank account need a couple more Os but/ No I can’t complain
PoPo be trippin but so what/ Yo I can’t complain
All in all my nigga ya know what/ I’m still doing my thang

No beatin round the bush, hints or innuendos/ I’ve been pulled over 3 times for these tinted windows/ I’m not the shooter man, back up off me/ is it because I’m black like a bag of coffee/ I ain’t no racist but get these crackers off me/ not in the gay sense, but get these faggots off me/ You would think they was working for the Paparazzi/ the way they wanna catch me slipping like I’m al Gaddafi/ but still man I can’t complain/ they just doin they job right, they ain’t to blame/ look at the bright side, at least a brotha changing lanes/ and Fame comes with my name like I’m Dana Dane/ Danger Duane, Duane Danger, came to change the game/ made a lane, now I reign like I’m Major Payne/ so go head n pull me over, n take my name/ it could be worse tho, they could be taking aim/


Lemme tell ya boy these girls be stressin/ All these feelings that they be confessin/ only thing im feelin is they breast n/ when the hell they gon learn they lesson/I can’t text you if I’m trying to take a shower/ I can’t text if I’m driving 3 hours/ I can’t text you any more than I respect you/ So please respect the fact I’m getting money and power/ but still man I can’t complain/ at least they shower me with love, they make it rain/ they be lyin to themselves, “I can make him tame”/ but I’m a lion in this jungle I remain the king/ it could be worse tho, they could be spraying shame/ instead of spraying champagne when they say my name/ say my name, say my name, but someone is around me and I’m running the game/ so baby don’t complain


Oh God man here come my boss/ gimme a train track I can run across/ da hell do he be wearing, does he shop at Ross/ why his breath always smell like he forgot to floss/ like i need him to hold my hand/ i ain’t 5 years old, i’m a grown ass man/ is it 5 o’clock lets get it over damn/ 5 more minutes and I’m rollin fam/ but still man I can’t complain/ least I got me a job making major change/ I send money back to moms just make her days/ and God woke me up this morning, so I gave Him praise

So I can’t complain, no I can’t complain, yo I can’t complain, I’m still doing my thing


14. NEED
(D. Lawrence)
Produced by Jonny Cool for Galactic Star Entertainment
Contains sample of Dionne Warwick’s “You Are The Heart of Me”

Yea, yea, when it’s real, it’s real, and it’s definitely real
Jonny Cool, why’d ya do it? Jonny Cool, why’d ya do it?

All I need/ wallet phone keys/ a ticket somewhere nice where it prolly won’t freeze/ a pocket full of cheese/ a couple calls from overseas/ excuse me while i kiss the sky and calmly shoot the breeze/… a clean whip/ an extra mean chick/ wit a walk so sick I gotta quarantine her hips/ she got her own juice, she don’t even need a sip/ I make her Glad every Knight, she won’t leave me like the Pips/… I’m like her pimp/ but i don’t walk wit a limp/ what me prefer, she prefer, its me n her, not them/ I need time wit the homies who don’t argue bout the tip/ I’ll have the double cut filet but I’ma start off with the shrimp/ colossal

Yea, yea, when it’s real, it’s real, and it’s definitely real
Everything I need. I need a couple more things though

Already seen 6 figures, but I think I need 7/ I say think cuz as soon I get it I’ll want 11/ call that Phil Jackson/ or call it relaxin/ or call it Phil Knight, I’ma call him n ask him/ what does ballin feel like?/ and can I borrow the Aston?/ or is it the Audi, I’ma call n harass him/ … I think back I used to park in his spot/ don’t know bout y’all but I parked in it a lot/ that was my state of mind, get what he got/ so all I need now is that pinnacle spot/ all I need here’s another synonym for top/ but what I really need is George Zimmer[man] to rot/… Fresh kicks… a fresh cut/ a clean T… and guess what/ I’m all set… All it takes… All I need… To start the day/ let’s go

Yea, yea, when it’s real, it’s real, and it’s definitely real
Everything I need. I’ll tell you what I don’t need though

You can save ya fi’ mics. I’d rather have fi’ milly/ Don’t need too many friends. I’d rather have fa mily/ no you cant take my bags, id rather have mine wit me/ any of that offended you, oh well, that’s fine wit me/ all I need’s to call home, check in on mom n dad, then fall in my zone/ break out the pen n pad, only place I call home/ and talk to my thoughts when I feel I’m all alone/ All I really need is some cook up rice/ a tie and a pocket square that hooks up nice/ an open line, where I get my brothers advice/ SportsCenter all day and that should suffice/ Fresh kicks… a fresh cut/ a clean T… and guess what/ I’m all set… All it takes… All I need… These are the brakes/ let’s blow

Yea, yea, when it’s real, it’s real, and it’s definitely real

(D. Lawrence)
Produced by Sinima Beats

And it’s the same old song I’m singing
This is the same old song I’m singing
And it’s the same old song I’m singing
This is the same old song

Needed some new kicks so I copped dis pair/ right around the corner from dead stares and despair/ where kids diss pairs/ if they ain’t Vis Airs/ the Jumpman will have you jumped and… disappeared/ it’s a shame what happened to Devin/ waited two hours out in the rain to get the XIs/ the arraignment’s on the 11th/ But Elaine’s gonna be in heaven/ so she can’t really testify/ against the guy/ who swept his size/ 11s why/ does it have to end this way/ how long has it been this way/ why does the road bend this way/ why don’t we pave it in gold/ and go celibate from selling bricks on a yellow brick road/ where we can still get money without sellin’ our souls/ our path is trapped in a foot locker where they sellin’ them soles/ you paid to get em made, so they sellin’ em sold/ to get the Penny’s, they penny-pinching/ but I’m no better… not to mention/ that’s exactly how I get my pension/ damn

And it’s the same old song I’m singing
Nas said it, Kweli said it, Chuck D said it
This is the same old song I’m singing
Mos said it, Common said it, Respiration needs credit
And it’s the same old song I’m singing
Dre said it, ‘Ye said, Ray said it, Jay said it
This is the same old song

Blood is thicker than water/ your girl’s dad is mad that you been sticking his daughter/ if you a nigga, it’s harder/ for him to wrap his head around/ the fact that she wrapping her head around/ your head and your head is brown/ he grew up in a time when your head was down/ and now your head is up and chest is out/ they never shoulda gave you niggas money, same thing that got Jim Tressel out/ but let the tables Lazy Susan/ turn em around, the game flips, it’s a creative way of recruiting/ you mean to tell me if you bred in the gutter/ that you don’t have the right to get the bread n the butter/ but you can anoint me, just to exploit me, that really annoys me, it was said, did I stutter/ check the shutter, the lens never closes/ they never stop watching, they just switch up their poses/ like mannequins, heartless and stiff/ but be cautious, they got offers that are hard to resist/ danger


Life has barely begun/ and they carrying guns/ Hope doesn’t exist like the Arian Son/ fiends, drugs, mean mugs, who’s the scariest one/ they’re only move is to show n prove who’s inferior to none/ the government, Gepetto, the ghetto, the curious son/ mere objects in projects, they test their theories for fun/ look what happens when you give em crack and mari-ju-an/ they bring terror to their own squad, it’s a serious Pun/ I got one better, let’s give em AIDS and put fear in their cum/ they’ll still make babies with rabies, it’s apparent they’re dumb/ until their spirit is done lets make these barbarians run/ give em millions of dollars they’ll never share with their sons/ dead beat, red meat, and a pair of them Ones/ and as far as our women, we’ll let them marry the ones/ with low esteem, American Dream, bury their funds/ nothing more than love and war, all is fair if you won/ so what’s the solution/ tell em televise the revolution/ or continue to tell em why we always losin/ same conclusion

16. SHINE ft Chelsea Uniqorn & Saeeda Wright
(D. Lawrence, T. Miller, S. Wright, C. Dixon, C. Strobek)
Produced by Takashi Miller for Vision Firm

Look up to the sky
Watch the sun arise
Imagine your come up
One day you’re gon shine

Through the vignette/ she’s sittin on her swingset/ the next Whitney, no idea that she can sing yet/ dinner’s ready but she don’t wanna come in yet/ rain’s coming, mom don’t want her to get her skin wet/ did you clean your room? She replies yes/ yes who? Yes daddy. That’s my princess/ her favorite PJs, as she crawls into her bed/ a bedtime story and soft kiss on her head/ she’s a dreamer/ visions spin like the ballerina/ she wants to be one day, she dreams one day to be Serena/ or the Queen o’ England, so young but her demeanor, is regal, she shines like Chi(cago) Lites, have you seen her/ Her friends are blinking while she lays/ from a million miles away/ they’ve all been given a name/ she blinks back, thats how they play/ her eyelids begin to fade/ but before she drifts away/ she can hear her father say/ dream big tonight, tomorrow start your day with a…


She peers at pirouettes/ she hears her heroes stress/ young girl have no fear but fear itself/ don’t veer to the very things/ that don’t care for the care you bring/ make sure the crowd cheers when your chariot comes in/ don’t wear what’ll wear you down/ don’t stare if the stairs go down/ look up to the sky, the air is heir to the ground/ prepare to pair your sound/ with the glare that trickles down/ and clear the clearest water, clear with a single bound/ share your sheer delight/ with the world when the time is right/ find a guiding light/ steer it and shine it bright/ some years will bring you to tears/ don’t tear those pages out/ don’t be scared, my dear/ dare take a braver route/ when sneers begin to rear/ throw shade over your ears/ imagine your come up, put despair in the rear view mirror/ she hears the quotes from the wise/ prepares to open here eyes/ older, smarter, and knows what’s on the horizon/ she can’t wait, she’s dyin to…


She’s hoping she sees no Ls/ but knowing that she won’t fail/ she opens the door to the world and goes at it teeth and nail/ She sees Oprah, She sees Michelle/ believes the truth is possible/ weaves thru the obstacles, unbroken and needs no help/ speeds through impossible/ flies over doubt/ stands up to difficulty/ and rules hiding out/ speeds through impossible/ flies over doubt/ stands up to difficulty/ and rules hiding out/ ambition in abundance, sets her sights on number one/ but understands you have to pay a price to overcome/ Thankful for all the advice/ All the nights when she was young/ The cycle has begun when she recites it to her son/ she says:
“Look up at the stars, believe you can fly/ stare into the clouds, dream about the sky/ jump n touch the moon, you can be as high/ shine like the sun, I see it in ya eyes”/ And with that, its engrained forever/ something he’ll always remember/ the bond will never sever/ Together they can